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With well over 20 years of experience working in various admin support roles, as well as owning some creative businesses, I can pro actively understand the support needs for the small business owner.

At some point it is time to outsource certain tasks to free up your time to push your business to the next level. While achieving that why shouldn’t you take advantage of the convenience of a Virtual Assistant. No hiring, no benefits or sick pay, no health insurance, just pay per hour as you go!

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graphic design

Logo’s, illustrations, company templates, social media ads, marketing materials, info graphics,  (re)brand styling.


admin support

Calendar management, e-mail organization and management, transcriptions, correspondence, presentations, organize expenses, invoicing and follow up.

Web Design

Complete set-up, from hosting to design of websites (no e-commerce) build with Divi for WordPress.

marketing & crm automation

Newsletter set-up and maintenance, setting up a CRM system, online customer support.

Web security & maintenance

Installing a SSL certificate, update plugins and new versions, regular security maintenance or updates on the website.

lifestyle management

Travel bookings, online shopping, personal appointment scheduling, online research.

grow your business with a virtual assistant

Hiring me will be a huge timesaver in your schedule, imagine what you can spend your time on taking your business to the next level. Many people have been before you, join the club!

In above YouTube video Noah Kagan explains the benefits  of a virtual assistant and how they’re not actually virtual but real people 🙂 …and also what his experiences were working with some virtual assistants.


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Find my full resume on the portfolio page here

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Ministry Infrastructure and Watermanagement

management assistant, international affairs

2018 – 2020

2008 – 2011


executive project assistant, oil & gas

2015 – 2018

2003 – 2008


executive assistant, business line aviation,

2013 – 2014


executive assistant cfo

2001 – 2003


project assistant



Some examples of my style of work, you’ll find here…..

my Skills

 Some people are better in certain things than others and that’s A-OK, my favorite tasks happen to be the ones I’m really good at, lucky me!

  • web Design – 100%
  • graphics – 93%
  • virtual admin assistance – 85%


what people say about me on


“Jerney has been my direct colleague for more than two years. I have known her as an excellent allround assistant who is a dedicated and strong professional with the right working attitude. She is very capable of focussing on the right priorities in a complex and busy environment. She has a strong organizational talent, deals with constant change in an excellent way and has been a great support in managing different topics. Next to this Jerney is trustworthy and has integrity, she is committed and strives for perfection. I thank Jerney for her great collaboration and strongly recommend her for similar, high level functions.

Nissrine Kohen

Executive Project Assistant Orpic, Chicago Bridge & Iron Netherlands

Jerney is an enthusiastic and creative lady. For several years she was the management assistant of the Director Concern Information Services of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Jerney is known as someone with a great sense of responsibility. She wants to be sure that all matters concerning the director are well organized and the director could rely on Jerney. In addition Jerney was known as the heart and 'the hub' of the organization and is certainly still missed to date.

Aad Bastemeijer

Manager Secretarial Assistants, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands

“Jerney has been personally assisting me and my business since the summer of 2021. She has been a breath of fresh air in administratively organizing and streamlining my business. I thought I could handle everything myself but after a few years I realised I need help.  Never heard of a virtual assistant but after one of my business relations told me about his assistant, I knew this was what I needed. She takes so much work of my hands daily and she does it all miles away in Guatemala, my how times have changed! I truly recommend Jerney's services, she is on top of her tasks, works fast and with minimal instruction, it's like she knows my needs before I do. On top of all this she'd build our shop an amazing looking website which increased our online orders by quite a lot!"

Kelsie C.

Owner , Shop-N-Go Food Mart