my Services


graphic design

Logo’s, illustrations, company templates, social media ads, marketing materials, info graphics,  (re)brand styling.

admin support

Calendar management, e-mail organization and management, transcriptions, correspondence, presentations, organize expenses, invoicing and follow up.

Web Design

Complete set-up, from hosting to design of websites (no e-commerce) build with Divi.

marketing & crm automation

Newsletter set-up and maintenance, setting up a CRM system, with a short course for maintenance or service provided, online customer support.

Web security & maintenance

Installing a SSL certificate, update plugins and new versions, regular security maintenance or updates on the website.

lifestyle management

Travel bookings, online shopping, personal appointment scheduling, online research.

Process & Workflow.

Working together always starts out with a Skype discovery call. I would like to get to know your business and what’s important for you and see what your problem areas are. We will go through my intake questionnaire and I will explain the tools we use for  sharing data. During the call you can ask all the questions you might have if the process isn’t clear for you yet.

Please don’t hestitate to inquire for a free 15-minute Skype discovery call and let’s figure out what we can achieve together, and lifting your business to the next level.


Understanding working together takes a bit of trust. I can ensure you all of your personal data is very securely stored on my encrypted drive, nobody can touch this and that’s a guarantee!


We will work in the cloud meaning we’ll have a secured shared workspace where we can share documents which can be updated in realtime. Personally I like to work with Google Drive, but familiar with others like Dropbox.


Able to provide simple time tracking reporting with Toggl. Which in the beginning might be good to show how much work I’m taking off your hands and how much faster these tasks will be done by outsourcing them to me.


Project plans have a way for getting disorganized as soon as you work on them. To do’s become “who’s doing this? A tool like Asana really helps to keep things organized while working together.