As a starting Virtual Assistant you would like to be visible for new clients, mind you your first client (so excitingggg)! The best way to showcase your skills and style of work is with a portfolio on a website. I understand not every starting VA has the tech skills to set up their own website. With that in mind I’m developing a Do It Yourself website package for a starting VA. The only thing you need to do is fill it with your own content like text, your logo and images. No fuss with al the technical settings, it’s already done for you and already mobile friendly.


Do i really need a website?

A website will be a bit of an investment so you’re probably wondering if you need to spend money on this. You could start with just setting up some social media sites, like a LinkedIn profile or Facebook business page. Definitely get those, they’re free to sign up for and will help you interact and target possible new clients. But if you want to step up your game and come across as a professional I would advise you on getting a website. A website can generate traffic from search engines like Google etc. You can add traffic to your website by setting up a blogpage, because search engines love blog pages. And this will help your rank in Google to go up and reach more people trying those search engines.

the launch!

After reading this you probably think you DO need a website. The easy DIY website will become available soon, and it will come with a handy instruction manual. Like I said I’m currently busy with developing the Do It Yourself website package and hoping to lauch it coming August. Please subsribe to the list in the sidebar to receive updates on the progress of the development.