There is such a variety of tasks that virtual assistants do, let me break it down for you. First of all the different fields, you have classic admin support. Then there’s the social media support, web support, graphic support. The list goes on but let’s stick to these for now. If you like to see what services I offer, please take a look at my services page.

the classic admin support assistance

Admin support is usually just your day to day office support. Like email, setting appointments, transcripting, customer support, data entry etc. As a VA myself I gained a lot of experience with these tasks from working a 9 to 5 job for +20 years now. It’s a service I offer, I know it well and like doing so.


Very populair and in demand these days, the social media guru!  You should be on top of your game for this one, there is a lot of competition out there in Social Media Marketing. You need to know what you’re doing here and be familiar with all the social applications and tools you need to get the job done! Not really my cup of tea, I’m more on the spectrum of designing graphics needed for marketing! Sales funnels and all that jazz are just not my thing.

Webdesign and all things created online

This is the field I like to operate in and enjoy doing, more project related work compared to day to day admin tasks 9 to 5. These projects have a set time frame and give you more flexibility with your hours. Myself for instance I like to work at night (often till weird hours), and most people don’t operate during that time 🙂

If you like to learn more what tasks a virtual assistant can do, check out this website with a lot of information The Virtual Savvy.